Western Energy Markets - Meeting the Challenge of Charting a New Course

Wednesday, April 24 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Location: Antigua A



When it comes to energy markets, it really is the wild, wild West. Power generators are being asked to embrace renewable energy, with states adopting ambitious carbon-free and carbon-neutral goals, while utilities must balance issues of grid reliability and resiliency. Government policy drives much of the West’s power conversation, be it about renewable portfolio standards, expiration of tax credits, transmission build-out schedules, siting issues due to the region’s vast amount of public lands, and the nuances of military installations. What about the potential for offshore wind development, solar and wind, and battery storage? Then there’s California—what technologies will work best in the Golden State? What’s types of new generation will the state allow, and how much emphasis should be placed on efficiency measures? This session will explain how to achieve actionable targets with accountability, and look at how California’s market expansion can be exported into other markets.